It's Party-time!

Remember the excitement of dressing up for your big day, blowing up balloons, waiting for your friends to arrive, then the joy of party games, activities and crafts when you were younger? And remember your mum and dad enjoying it all with you? No? They were probably behind the scenes working hard. The excitement of birthday parties will never change, but your role as parents can: with Ignite Lights at the helm, you can enjoy the party as much as your kids whilst knowing they're having the time of their lives. Whether they dream of a magical fairy tea party or an adventurous dinosaur dig, we bring their wildest dreams to life with exciting objects, fun costume and a whole lot of games.
Teeny Tiny Tot Parties
Cheeky Chirpy Children's Parties
Party Prices and Extras
Teeny Tiny Tots
Imagination is ageless, so it's never too early to create enchanting birthday memories with your little one. These parties cater specifically towards pre-school children, using sensory storytelling and gentle games to enable very young children to gather together and engage in the enjoyment of birthday celebration. All props used are baby-safe and parties can be customised to create a perfect fit for you and your family. Parent participation is encouraged, but not mandatory, so whether you want to use the time as an opportunity to bond with your child through shared creative experience, or would prefer to sit back and watch the magic happen is completely up to you.
Through the Looking-Glass
What's your child's favourite story? Watch our enthusiastic, experienced practitioner bring it to life in a sparkly shower of words, props, dramatic adventure and games in this personalised party experience. Step into a magical storybook world and discover your favourite character brought to life before your very eyes. The fun of the story is interspersed with traditional party games to keep little minds working away, with a prize-filled ending sure to see smiles all around.
Available for 1-2 hours and up to 10 children. 
A Day at the Farmyard
Who doesn't love the farmyard? The sweet scent of hay, the calming sounds of peaceful animals and...all that MESS! For a farmyard party without the plops, we provide a sensory experience with puppets, songs and story-poems, plus classic party games to enjoy. Meet a variety of farmyard animals and explore their stories without the hazards of a real farm. If space allows, play at planting your fields with fun tractors and finish the day off by putting the farm animals to bed. (Note: all animals are puppets, not live animals.)
Available for 1-2 hours and up to 10 children. 
Teddy Bears' Picnic
Every Teddy Bear who's been good is sure of a treat today
There's lots of marvellous things to eat and wonderful games to play
Beneath the trees where nobody sees
They'll hide and seek as long as they please
That's the way the Teddy Bears have their picnic
Gather together and join teddy bears of all shapes and sizes for a delicious traditional picnic with storytelling, song and classic party games. You'll be delighted as your children interact with puppet bears and snuggle up with their favourite for story-time. 
Picnic included in price. Please see catering details and note we only cater for children eating solids.
Available for 1-2 hours and up to 10 children. 
Jungle Party
Recreate the sights, sounds and smells of the rainforest in this multi-sensory party. Use percussive instruments to create a jungle soundscape, make your own parrot puppet, engage in a fun sing-a-long and join the jungle fun with our bright rainforest friends. Enjoy traditional party games with a jungle twist: with prizes and exciting activities to suit everyone from cheeky monkeys to sassy snakes, this party's sure to be a winner.
Craft materials included.
Available for 1-2 hours and up to 10 children. 
Cheeky Chirpy Parties
These parties are designed specifically for school aged children from 4-8 years old, with exciting activities, group storytelling and drama, fun props and costume designed to make your child's special day really magical. Whatever their dreams, we'll help to make them materialise, inspiring lifelong interests and creating treasured memories. Ignite Lights parties can be delivered at your home or a venue of your choice: we adapt to your needs to create a stress-free experience so you are able to join in if you wish, or step back and watch the magic happen.
Note: descriptions are examples only and may contain some optional extras: details can be found in the pricing section.
Through the Looking-Glass
What's your child's favourite story? Watch our enthusiastic, experienced practitioner bring it to life in a sparkly shower of words, props, dramatic adventure and games in this personalised party experience. Step into a magical storybook world and discover your favourite character brought to life before your very eyes. The fun of the story is interspersed with traditional party games to keep little minds working away, with a prize-filled ending sure to see smiles all around.
Available for 1-2.5 hours and up to 20 children. 
A Creepy Crawly Party
Does your child love all things bug-eyed and beetley? Then this party will have them climbing the walls like flies and spiders! Play minibeast games, enjoy insect-themed face painting and watch your child's delight as they interact with our stunning collection of creepy crawly puppets, creating their very own buzzing play to share at the end of the party.
Note: this party is a theatre experience party and no living minibeasts form part of the party.
Available for 1-2.5 hours and up to 18 children. 
In Space, No One Can Hear you Party
Attention all budding astronauts: 3-2-1 PARTY! Make a living model of the solar system, then attend space camp to train as an astronaut. If you manage to graduate, blast off into outer space and find adventure in a galaxy far away. Will there be black holes? Aliens? Presents? Unleash your imagination and go where no one has gone before!
Available for 1-2.5 hours and up to 18 children. 
Ahoy Maties: It's a Pirate Party!
Arrrr, hoist the gangplank and set sail for the seven seas - swashbuckling adventure awaits! Meet your host pirate and Polly the puppet parrot, then explore an uncharted island and search for treasure, tuck in to a pirate feast complete with grog and sing sea shanties like a true buccaneer. A party full of villainous games; walk the plank, escape from man eating sharks and make your own eyepatch. Me hearties, you'll have a whale of a time! 
Available for 1-2.5 hours and up to 20 children. 
A Fairytale Party
This party will put the sparkle into your birthday. Choose from a fairy, princess, mermaid or heroes and villains theme, or let us know your personal favourite book/film character and have them host a magical party. Get into our exciting range of costume, then learn how to act in your chosen world. After mastering the basics, work together to tell a magical story. Enjoy exciting themed games and a fairy picnic as well as boosting your theatrical skills: a must-have party for any budding drama king or queen!
Available for 1-2.5 hours and up to 20 children. 
The Par-T-Rex Dino Party
Don your pith helmet and grab your trowel: it's time to dig for dinosaurs! From Montana's Hell Creek to the Kemkem Basin of Morocco, explore some of the world's most exciting repositories of fossils from the Cambrian to the Cretaceous era. Discover and handle a mixture of real and replica fossil dinosaur bones, teeth and claws, identify the original dino to which they belonged, and sketch your find like a real palaeontologist. Enjoy dinosaur games and themed face-painting alongside building your knowledge of all things palaeontological!
Available for 1-2.5 hours and up to 20 children. 
Monster Mayhem!
Will your party catch on in a flash, or will it be a graveyard smash?! Go on a monster treasure hunt to assemble the Master Monster, then dress up to create your own definitive monster story complete with props. Will you dare to eat the monstrous buffet? Who will prove they could become the next Dr Frankenstein by winning the monster-themed games? And what's that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Discover the answers to these questions and more as you party like it's the end of the world!!
Available for 1-2.5 hours and up to 20 children. 
A Magical Masquerade Ball
A crafty party with a difference: make your own Venetian or animal themed mask, encrust it with gems, feathers or simply brighten it up with gorgeous colours, then dance the day away at your own ball! Learn new dances, sing along to your favourite songs, then take your new mask away with you, along with any prizes you may have won during the ballroom games!
Please add £2 per head to the price for materials.
Available for 1-2.5 hours and up to 20 children. 
Ignite Lights Parties: More Information and Prices
All Ignite Lights parties are delivered by a fully insured, fully DBS checked qualified teacher with years of experience working with young children in fun, theatrical settings. Our practitioner is female, so all roles taken on will be portrayed by a woman, and none of our parties are gendered - we're as happy to provide a Fairytale party to a little boy as we are to give a little girl her wish to become a palaeontologist or a little monster!
We are happy to come to your home, garden or a venue of your choice; we don't have a home venue and venue costs are not included in the price.
You can book an Ignite Lights party during the week or at the weekend, in the daytime or early evening - we'll try to accomodate your chosen date but some dates fill up faster than others so it's advisable to book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.
We don't charge for travel if your chosen venue has a Leeds, West Yorkshire (LS) postcode, but will charge for petrol outside this area. To obtain a travel quote, please contact us.
We're happy to discuss other options if you don't see the party you'd like on the list, or if you'd like to customise a party - we're very flexible and always keen to try new things!
Our parties are designed to be accessible: please let us know if one of your guests has different needs and we'll work hard to ensure they are completely included and able to enjoy the same experience as all the other guests.
Party basics.
Tots Parties: 
1hr: £70
2hr: £95
Children's Parties:
Up to 10 children:
1hr: £80
2hr: £105
2.5hr: £115
Up to 20 children:
1hr: £90
2hr: £115
2.5hr: £125
What's included:
  • One entertainer
  • Props (party specific, contact us for more info)
  • Costume (party specific, contact us for more info)
  • Music/sound system
  • Games with themed prizes (children's parties: tots' parties are available with or without depending on age/ability)
These optional extras will make your party even more memorable and exciting at a reasonable price.
Temporary Tattoos:
Make your party feeling last a little longer with these 
fun false tattoos - we use standard British temp tats
which are fine for most skin types and wash off in a
few days or clean with baby oil sooner if you're 
visiting the grandparents! If your child has sensitive
skin or allergies, these tattoos may not be suitable. 
Please check with guests as Ignite Lights cannot
accept responsibility for any incident occuring as a 
result of tattoo transfer application.
£5 for the application of 20 tattoos.

Face Painting:

Step into the magic of your theme with a face-painting session - these can be arranged for half an hour or an hour before or after your party and come with a variety of designs to suit your chosen theme. We use high-quality Snazaroo face paint: a water-based, hypoallergenic paint suitable for sensitive skin. Face-painting is recommended for children aged 3+

£10/half hour.

Party Decorations
Sparkling Cupcake
White Cake
blue balloon
Happy Kids
Kids Running
Floral Card
Retro Wedding Set
Kids Blowing Bubbles


We can make your party hassle-free by providing food for all your pint-sized guests to enjoy. We offer picnics (indoor or outdoor) and buffets with:

  • 3 triangular sandwiches per guest (fillings choose up to 4 from tuna, cheese, egg, chicken, peanut butter/jam, ham, smoked salmon/cream cheese. Sauces choose from mayonnaise, tomato, pickle. Optional salad. Bread choose from wholemeal, white, best of both, crustless.)

  • crisps (a variety of types/flavours)

  • vegetable sticks

  • cocktail sausages

  • cheese and pineapple on a stick

  • sweets/ chocolate/biscuits

  • cup cakes

  • fruit.

  • A selection of soft drinks (fruit punch and fizzy pop) is also offered.

We cater for vegetarians, vegans and some allergies/intolerances: please contact us to discuss any special requirements.

Your catering order includes plastic crockery, a picnic hamper/cloth or a decorated trestle table as specified. We do not provide chairs. Our food is a mixture of home made and shop-bought and we take pride in selecting quality items and ingredients. Crockery, decoration and cup cakes are presented linked to your chosen theme. We do not currently offer birthday cakes, but would be happy to recommend an excellent cake artist. Please speak to us directly to discuss your menu.

Catering is set at £4 per head.

Photo Backdrop:

Ensure your children capture the excitement of their day with a picture station.

We provide a coloured or themed backdrop and costume items for your children (and parents) to dress up and take fun pictures.

We do not provide a photographer or camera as, in our experience, people would rather take photos on their phones/iPads. We will gladly recommend an experienced photographer if you'd rather leave the task up to a professional.